Ree Dead Redemtion 2

Dopo l’arrivo dell’ultimo trailer per Red Dead Redemption 2 continuano a crescere sempre più le attese e le speranza dei giocatori per questa ultima fatica di Rockstar Games.

Gli stessi sviluppatori si sono infine espressi, in un articolo apparso oggi sul Telegraph, per mezzo delle parole di Rob Nelson (Co-Studio Head di Rockstar).

All’interno di questa intervista Nelson ha spiegato gli obbiettivi ambiziosi che gli sviluppatori si sono posti nel realizzare Red Dead Redemption 2 e nel far si che il mondo di gioco reagisse dinamicamente alle azioni del giocatore.

We’re trying to blur the separation between different types of content. We want an experience that holds up right across everything thing that you’ll do in this game.

So you may do honorable things but then if you go to a town and everybody knows you because you’ve done these honorable things, realistically, how does that work? Or if you do dishonorable things and you go in and everyone knows you’re a bad guy, does that make sense with the story that we’re telling about a gang that’s being chased through the map by the law? It should affect things and if it makes sense that you get discounts at stores or whatever – that’s more of the game side of things – but if that doesn’t interfere with the way you feel Arthur’s interacting the world then that’s okay.

We realized that technologically this was the right time to try this. We want players to feel like the gang is real and they were working and living with Arthur and the gang. Not just in terms of missions or content. The story is the game and the game is the story.

There are passages where the player’s on their own. But there are passages where the player will get to know the different gang members, who gets along with others, who doesn’t, who helps out and who does as little as possible. There’s so much story in how the different characters get to where they are in the first Red Dead Redemption, and to a degree the player has input on it with the actions they take. We’re aiming for depth while giving the player as much space as we can. Starting with the map, to the story that we’re telling and the way you react to the world and the people in it; it all feels within the same resolution and makes sense.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Vi ricordiamo che l’uscita di Red Dead Redemption 2 è prevista per il 26 ottobre 2018 per le console Xbox One e PlayStation 4.

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